Virtual Hosted Buyer Expo


What is the Virtual Hosted Buyer Expo?

The National Sports Forum (NSF) is proud to present the 3rd-annual Virtual Hosted Buyer Expo, July 17th-21st, 2023! The NSF will be providing a platform to connect vendors/service suppliers with our network of sports teams, leagues, and property executives in North America. This includes Managers, Directors, VPs, & C-level execs in Sponsorship, Marketing, Ticket Sales, Special Events, Technology, Innovation, etc.

During the Virtual Hosted Buyer Expo, you’ll have the chance to meet with these team-side executives for 20-minute meetings and discuss how your products can bring a valuable impact to their organization. These meetings will take place virtually and can be scheduled based on your availability. All execs are invited based on their titles (decision-makers) and matched to you using AI technology based on your specific products and their current challenges/projects. You’ll also have the chance to select preferences on which executives you meet in the weeks leading up to the event!

As a third-party vendor, you have the opportunity to purchase these meetings in bundles of 5 or more. We also create custom packages based on your desired number of meetings!

Starting Prices


How Does This Process Work?

Platform & Logistics:

All meetings will take place virtually on our Hosted Buyer platform, Grip. You’ll be able to see the full list of team-side execs, send messages, and request meetings through this all-in-one platform. As a vendor, you will also have a “company profile” visible to all attendees on the platform.

Matchmaking Process:

Grip has an AI Matchmaking solution that will help set meetings between our team-side buyers and our solutions providers. Each team-side buyer will fill out a questionnaire before the event with what types of solutions they’re looking for, their budget, etc. Each vendor will fill out a similar questionnaire with what kind of solutions you provide, whom you’re looking to work with, etc.

Based on everyone’s responses and availability, the platform will suggest which team-side buyers you should meet with. You can then go through the full list of team-side buyers and select your preferences “Must Meet,” “Meet,” & “No Thanks.” The platform will use its AI Scoring Matrix to deliver the most optimal schedule based on everyone’s feedback. With our expertise, we will use the questionnaire feedback and AI matching-making technology to curate a meeting schedule best fit for you!



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