NSF Tech Tank

The NSF Tech Tank is back for its seventh year and will be held on the first day of the conference, Monday, February 26th, 2024. In a new age of technology in the sports industry, the NSF Tech Tank is designed to expose innovative companies to the teams, properties, agencies, and corporate partners that make up the sports industry. NSF attendees are all & looking to push the envelope and generate more revenues for their respective organizations, and the NSF Tech Tank allows attendees to identify emerging, innovative technologies that can impact different segments of the sports business.

Tech Tank Categories:






1. Ticket Sales & Strategy – There is no denying that ticket sales are the backbone of each sports franchise, as filling the stadium with engaged fans is priority number one. This flight aims to showcase innovative companies in the ticketing space and will focus on new and unique ways for sports properties to increase their ticketing revenues, drive season ticket renewals, maximize inside sales operations, etc.






2. Corporate Partnership & Brand Activation – In today’s digital era, sports organizations and their corporate partners are looking for the best ways to engage fans and consumers. Sponsors, agencies, and sports properties are getting away from the era of static signage and mass marketing and seeing partnerships becoming more and more targeted and experiential. In this flight, we look to uncover new technologies that can be adding value to existing corporate partnerships, as well as technologies that could be introducing new revenue streams for sports properties.






3. Marketing & Fan Engagement – The “Marketing & Fan Engagement” flight aims to showcase innovative companies assisting sports organizations in creating the next level of engagement with their fans inside the venue and out. Creating a unique in-venue experience is a driving force in our industry today, as well as generating year-round engagement campaigns between team and fan. This flight is looking to introduce new and innovative companies that can be assisting properties in generating that memorable experience for fans!



Each flight of the tech tank is judged by a panel of industry experts. The winning company of each flight will have the opportunity to participate as a panelist on the NSF’s “Best of the Tech Tank” Webinar following the 2024 National Sports Forum, highlighting their unique technologies/services. This webinar is free to attend and held after the 2024 NSF, giving the winning companies a broader audience than just in-person conference attendees.


Each flight is limited to five (5) presenters. Each company will give a 12-minute presentation to a select panel of industry experts. The presentations should answer the following questions:

♦ What is it?
♦ How can sports properties/sports sponsors use it?
♦ What value does this add to the fan experience?
♦ How can teams/events/corporate partners monetize this technology?
♦ Has this technology been used with other organizations in the sports industry and what have been the results?


Details on Presentations:

Each flight panel will be given a specific (…to that flight) rubric to judge the criteria of each presentation and at the end of the day, the judges decided who was their favorite. The three winners (one per flight), will be announced during the NSF 2024 Welcome Reception (Sunday Night).

Winning companies of each flight will:


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2023 Tech Tank Winners: