Case Cup Competition

The NSF Case Cup Competition is a masters case-style competition that is held each year at the National Sports Forum. It is a unique opportunity for students to compete in a multidisciplinary case study utilizing the skills obtained in their programs’ curricula.

The National Sports Forum created the annual NSF Case Cup competition to meet the needs of individuals just beginning their professional sports careers. Students first compete in a 24-hour multidisciplinary case study designed to push students to excel in a real world, fast paced environment similar to working conditions in the sports industry.

After completing the experiential learning opportunity students transition into attendees at the National Sports Forum, the largest annual cross gathering of the top team sports marketing, sales, promotions and event entertainment executives from the broad range of teams and leagues in North America. Case Cup students are the ONLY students allowed to attend the National Sports Forum.

At the Sports Forum, you and your students have the unique opportunity to:


2018 Case Cup Participants


For questions about the Case Cup Competition or if you’re interested in sending a team next year, please contact Jada Brown at: or (619) 469-4101 ext. 204.


Who Competes?

Past Case Cup Participants

The Storyboard of the NSF Case Cup Competition

The 2018 NSF Case Cup competition will be held in conjunction with the National Sports Forum in Frisco, Texas. The competition will take place on February 11, 2018. After completing the competition, Case Cup students are exclusively invited to attend the National Sports Forum at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Dallas Frisco Hotel, February 11-13, 2018. Information about the 2017 Case Cup is listed below.

Friday - February 9, 2018

NSF Case Cup Welcome Reception & Kick-off Party!

Saturday - February 10, 2018

Case distribution & 24-hour case preparation. Prepare for a long night!

Sunday - February 11, 2018

Early morning start - all shools are split into three flight for the Semi-Finals! All schools compete to become a finalist.

Sunday - February 11, 2018

FINALS! Each flight of judges selects one finalist to progress. A coin flip determines who will go first!

Monday - February 12, 2018

All students are officially attendees at the 2018 NSF! The winner of the competition will be announced in front of the entire NSF audience!

Tuesday - February 13, 2018

During the NSF - Students have full access to 32 breakout sessions, 4 super panels and endless networking with 1,000+ sports executives.

The Case

Each year, the NSF Case Cup Competition case is based on a sports related topic. The 2017 case, “Sporting KC Gets an Assist from SeatGeek: Can Sporting KC Score?” was a multifaceted case that looked to leverage SeatGeek’s ticketing platform by building relationships with the right distribution partners and engaging new fans.

To summarize, here was the assignment: Sporting KC is the first MLS club to use SeatGeek as their primary online ticket distributor for this upcoming season. They were looking for ways to take full advantage of SeatGeek’s unique ticketing system by capitalizing on new partnership opportunities and reaching and engaging new fans, particularly millennials, through unique distribution channels.

To view the 2017 case click HERE.

Interested in seeing what the Case Cup presentations look like? Check out the videos below to see the two finalist teams, University of Oregon (winner) and the University of South Florida (runner-up), as they delivered their final presentation of the 2017 Case Cup Competition: