OKC Thunder “E Pitch Sales System”

OKC Thunder “E Pitch Sales System”

Posted on November 23, 2016 by National Sports Forum | Selling It | SUBSCRIBE


Cutting-edge sales system, ‘ePitch’, brings great success with an easily customizable and fully comprehensive presentation tool.

By: Tina Szyszkowski

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This week we wanted to feature a story on a partnership from a few Forum Family members, the Oklahoma City Thunder and Channel 1 Media. The Thunder chose to partner with Channel 1 on their sales system, ePitch. This system has benefited the Thunder organization and is something they are surely thankful for, especially during this season.

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“OKC Thunder: Channel 1 ‘ePitch’ Sales System”


The OKC Thunder were looking to simplify and streamline their corporate partnership proposals and recaps. Ultimately they wanted a tool that could help their sales team create striking, comprehensive presentations with a consistent message, and manage their sponsorship inventory. Leveraging the Thunder’s existing partnership with KORE, Channel 1 needed to integrate their ‘ePitch’ system in order to create a unified process. The result was an extremely effective approach, saving the Thunder significant time and money.


With the desire to move away from standard static PowerPoint, the Thunder wanted the ability to create more engaging customized corporate partnership presentations. The OKC Thunder chose to partner with Channel 1 Media Solutions for their experience and to gain access to their cutting-edge interactive sales system, called ‘ePitch’.

The ‘ePitch’ system is an online sales tool that enables reps to create extremely customized interactive web presentations for their prospects and clients within minutes. ‘ePitch’ contains all of the team’s inventory – showcased through images, videos and detailed descriptions – and gives reps the ability to turn various sections ‘On’ or ‘Off, adjust their order, place client logos within inventory, create unique ‘pages’ anywhere within the site and even track viewing statistics.

In order for the Thunder to fully benefit from using this powerful sales tool, they needed it to communicate directly with their CRM system – KORE – one of the foremost CRMs used in professional sports. To accomplish this, KORE collaborated with Channel 1, allowing ‘ePitch’ presentations to be created directly from the KORE software itself.



The OKC Thunder partnered with Channel 1 Media while leveraging their relationship with KORE in order to make this unique software integration possible. “Our company focuses on creating the most cutting-edge, innovative sales tools used by professional sports teams today,” said Channel 1 Media president, Evan Karasick. “Partnering with the forward thinking OKC Thunder and fully integrating with KORE gave us the opportunity to take ‘ePitch’ to a powerful new level. This has allowed us to deliver an intuitive, fully comprehensive sales system that is a welcome relief for team reps, helping to make complex tasks much simpler.


After using ‘ePitch’ for a number of months, the Thunder have received fantastic feedback from both their staff and prospects alike. The easy-to-use nature of the product and the graphic capabilities of the presentations were main focuses of praise. What used to be a very involved process is now easy and extremely effective. Currently the OKC Thunder uses ‘ePitch’ for all new business and renewal pitches, and are excited with the continuing success of their partnership with Channel 1.


The OKC Thunder will continue to work with Channel 1 to refine the piece, ensuring its future ongoing success. Additionally, Channel 1 and KORE are continually working to further enhance the integration of their two products.


For more information, contact:

Evan Karasick, President, Channel 1 Media
evan@channel1media.com | (416) 531-6111 x 2001

Tony Driscoll, Vice President of Business Development, Oklahoma City Thunder
tdriscoll@okcthunder.com | (405) 208-4688

Russell Scibetti, Vice President Product Strategy, KORE Software
Russell.scibetti@KOREsoftware.com | (212) 858-9700


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