The San Francisco Giants & Topgolf Team Up to Crush It Out of the Park

The San Francisco Giants & Topgolf Team Up to Crush It Out of the Park

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The San Francisco Giants & Topgolf Team Up to Crush It Out of the Park

The Giants and Topgolf work together to provide San Francisco with a new way to enjoy Oracle Park

By Alyssa Hedington

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Editor’s Note

Dear Faithful Readers,

Wow, it has been a while! Since our last ‘Selling It’ installment we had the pleasure of heading to Las Vegas for the 2019 National Sports Forum. It was so great getting to meet some of our readers in-person. One of the most memorable parts of this year’s Forum was the behind-the-scenes tours we were able to take of T-Mobile Arena and Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It was great getting to tour the facilities and experience everything these venues had to offer on a non-game day.

This is why we’ve decided to kick off ‘Selling It’ again highlighting Oracle Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, and their creative use of the venue during the offseason. Teams today battle getting use out of their stadium during the off season, but the Giants have found an inventive way to keep people flowing through their gates. Giants Enterprises and Topgolf paired up to bring the fun of Topgolf to Oracle Park!

Hope you enjoy the read!


Jada Brown
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San Francisco Giants & Topgolf Crush


For 61 years the Giants have been an integral part of the San Francisco community. From themed game nights to exciting special giveaways, the Giants have not only provided fans with baseball, but also a memorable experience every time they enter Oracle Park. Giants Enterprises, the non-baseball, entrepreneurial part of the Giants organization wanted to bring yet another exciting and innovative event to Oracle Park and partnered with Topgolf to do so. The organization wanted to do something that provide a unique event that would allow fans to experience the park in a whole new way. This thinking is what led to the Topgolf Crush weekend at Oracle Park last November.


The Topgolf Crush event spanned over an entire weekend, November 16th – 18th, and allowed attendees an experience unlike any they had seen before. Topgolf puts a twist on your typical trip to the driving range by allowing large groups of people to rent out hitting bays and compete in point-scoring golf games with the goal of hitting massive on-field targets. Each day of the event had its own itinerary with November 15th serving as a private rental day. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were the days that the event was open to the public for all to come and enjoy. While some play was private and others were public, guests were treated to an experience they won’t soon forget. Once their tee time was called, guests got to go up to club level and hit balls from there. During the entire weekend concessions were open and invited people to stay longer. Many guests hung out at the park after their tee time to grab a meal or a nice beverage, something fans can usually only do during a game. They also had arcade games, mini golf and big TVs with football games on as well. Topgolf crush not only allowed guests the classic Topgolf festival experience but allowed them to see and experience Oracle Park in a new way.


Topgolf Crush is an event that Giants Enterprises had in the works for quite some time. Topgolf Crush has taken place at seven other locations and has seen enormous success. The Giants began talking with Topgolf about a partnership three years ago. Through their talks Topgolf Crush was able to make its way to San Francisco. This was the first event of its kind for the Giants and Oracle Park, but Topgolf was with them through the entire process to help make things go right. The Topgolf location in Roseville, CA even hosted the Giants Enterprises team to give them a taste of the experience before the Crush event.


Topgolf Crush was an extremely successful event for the Giants and for Topgolf. The event ended up being a near sell out. Oracle Park was packed all weekend as people awaited their tee time and stayed after to enjoy the park.


The event was a hit so it is no surprise that Giants Enterprises would like to find a way to continue the partnership.


For more information about Topgolf Crush, please contact Giants Enterprises at or 415.972.1800.



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