Tampa Bay Rays “Double Play” Program

Tampa Bay Rays “Double Play” Program

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Rays aim to enhance fan experience and increase season ticket commitments with new ticket package

By: Owen Laviano

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This week we wanted to bring you a story from Tampa, one of our four “Meet-Up” cities. The Tampa Bay Rays were looking to increase season ticket renewals and came up with their Double Play Program, a season ticket package which allows fans to lock in season tickets for two seasons. To incentivize fans to buy this package while also increasing fan engagement, the Rays offered exclusive perks and experiences to the Double Play program members.

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Tampa Bay Rays “Double Play” Program


The Tampa Bay Rays needed a way to increase season ticket holder renewals while also continuing to grow fan engagement. When brainstorming the best way to achieve these goals, the idea was suggested to implement a two year season ticket program, after seeing success from other organizations who offered similar ticket packages. Thus, the Double Play Program was born, making it the perfect solution to solving the Rays goals. The season ticket package offers exclusive benefits and gifts to program participants, incentivizing fans to continue purchasing season tickets so they can receive special gifts.


Unlike the standard season ticket programs, the Tampa Bay Rays’ Double Play program allows fans to lock in season tickets for two seasons instead of one, eliminating the need to repurchase their tickets before the start of the second season. Fans can purchase Double Play season tickets, choosing to from the full season plan (81 games), half season plans (40 games), or a quarter season plans (22 games).

When fans purchase the Double Play season package, they get all of the benefits and gifts that a normal season ticket holder would receive, as well as added incentives that are exclusive to Double Play participants. Some benefits offered to program purchasers include double Rays Reward Points and double food and beverage credits.

One of the most unique aspects of the Double Play program are the exclusive gifts that are offered to those that bought the full season ticket plan. Full season ticket holders are given the opportunity to choose a gift from a list that includes a complimentary catered suite at Tropicana Field, a dinner cruise with Rays players, a baseball clinic with Rays players, and more. As an example of one of the other gift options, this past season Double Play program participants were given the opportunity to attend a Rays away game in Miami. The Rays organization chartered two planes and flew Double Play season ticket holders out to Miami where they were then taken by police escort from the airport to Marlins Park to watch the Rays take on the Miami Marlins. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity created memories that will last a lifetime, incentivizing fans to continue buying into the program for more exclusive benefits.


The Tampa Bay Rays partnered with a few of their vendors and retailers to provide certain gifts. One example of this was when they partnered with third baseman Evan Longoria’s restaurant, Ducky’s Sports Lounge, to host a cooking class taught by “Longo” himself.


The Rays are currently headed into their second year of the Double Play Program, and so far it has been a great success. They have had two-thirds of their renewing season ticket holder accounts and three-quarters of their rookie season ticket holder accounts participate in the Double Play program. The Rays were blown away at the portion of rookie accounts that chose to participate in the Double Play program, and they are hopeful that many of those accounts will turn into lifelong accounts. Seeing the success of renewed season tickets and with all the positive feedback received, the Rays are confident that they have created season ticket holders with a passion that can last a lifetime.


Already seeing an increase in season ticket renewals and fan satisfaction, the Rays plan to continue offering the Double Play package. Although they currently have many season ticket holders already committed to their 2018 Double Play ticket package, they want to see even more growth in year three. To help them surpass their 2017 goals, the Rays plan on turning their focus to those who have not yet committed to renewal. With a pinpoint focus on these account holders, the Rays plan to use their feedback to adjust the Double Play Program, in hopes to continue the growth of renewals.


For more information, contact:

Josh Muirhead, Director of Season Ticket Services, Tampa Bay Rays


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