Packy Moran

Packy Moran

Lecturer, Sport & Recreation Management
Member Since: 2023

Member Bio

Packy Moran is a lecturer in Sport and Recreation Management at the University of Iowa. Moran’s professional experiences in newspapers (The Columbus Dispatch), minor league hockey (Columbus Stars – UHL), and facility leadership (Director of Marketing – Dayton’s Hara Arena) ground his teaching in the real world. He is part of the University of Iowa team that arranges and leads student consulting experiences with local, regional and national entities including members of the NHL, MLB, and PGA Tour. Packy wrote the External Relations chapter in Kendall Hunt’s “Event Management Blueprint” edited by Dr. Heather Lawrence and Michelle Wells.

Packy joined the University of Iowa in August 2014 after five successful years on faculty at Ohio University. Married to Anna Jensen, Packy enjoys pickleball, curling and being a part of the Forum family.