Melyssa Jaskiewicz

Melyssa Jaskiewicz

Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Member Since: 2023

Member Bio

Melyssa and her family own and operate Sideline Sports, a digital gamification firm out of Charleston, SC.   Melyssa brings 20 years of sales experience to the table, from a range of industries, including hotel sales for corporate accounts, and selling hardened computers to the federal government’s three letter agencies (CIA, FBI, FEMA, CBP).

In 2007 she joined her father and sister to run the sales team at Sideline, growing the University market from two to fifty schools in her first year. She is responsible for opening the door to the major leagues for the digital product line and continues to push the company into new leagues and verticals.

Melyssa is very passionate about family and lives with her husband and two children (ages 11 and 13). She is a strong proponent of healthy living and personal growth and enjoys getting to know her clients, prospects, and colleagues on a personal level.