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Sponsorship Management Software

Since 2015, Trak Software has been dedicated to bringing time savings, automation, transparency and
unmatched value to every marketing partnership in the sports/entertainment industry. Trak is a cloud-based collaboration service specializing in project management, CRM, and digital presentations. It creates highly configurable automated workflows to bring each step of the sponsorship process into one intuitive
place where rights holders, agencies and brands can contribute and access data, results and presentations in real-time.

Our software’s organizational structure and large storage capacity can host all the sponsorship data. Unlike most industry software companies, Trak offers’ “white glove” consultative implementation, custom configuration, dynamic reporting and on-going live client support to ensure that maximum benefits are realized by our clients and their clients.

Trak’s open API and data portability/exportability allows for quick streamlining. Weare able to bring together relevant data and
connect to CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and other mission-critical systems (over 3,000 applications can be connected via the Zapier marketplace). Most clients are able to have their Trak system stood up with everyone trained in approximately 6 weeks.

Our current client footprint is expansive with nearly 4,000 sponsorship marketers from60 clients along with their clients and
collaborators. Our clients, across 24 different leagues, have been recognized countless times amongst their peers for being able to accomplish much more thanks to having Trak as their operational backbone. By implementing Trak, 47% of our users decreased their workload by half or more (2020Client Survey).

Additionally, the average user indicates saving over 38% of their time, allowing them to be more strategic and proactive with their clients year-round. Additionally, 82% of users cited using Trak to help navigate and resolve COVID-19-related issues and make goods.

Trak is proud of its group and individual success stories along with the quality of life it brings to its users by simplifying the path to
success for its staff and clients. Our clients tell us their internal mantra is that “if it didn’t happen in Trak, it didn’t happen.” Trak’scustomer feedback supports how effectively Trak has addressed the needs of the space and its stakeholders. Trak has received a Net Promoter Score of 76 for it’s 9.1/10 score of likelihood to recommend. In 2021, Trak lost a total of one client (folded team) while finishing with 100% net retention on its book of business with net growth near 150% YTY.

Trak’s lean, disciplined approach to strategic growth allows it to avoid competitive pitfalls. Trak leverages its vast industry experience and continues to seek out new operational efficiencies and stakeholder needs The accelerated push for digital transformation and marketing automation fuels the opportunity. We are already impacting the customer experience for rights holders, brands and their respective agencies in the sports/entertainment industry.

In the very near future, all parties will have a sponsorship management tool that guides their business and this puts Trak in prime position to maximize clients’ results and global impact.


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