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Touch-A-Prize (TAP) is a patent pending, proprietary digital marketing & promotions engine combines fan engaging, interactive games with valuable real time market data mining. The TAP toolbox will roll out powerful, targeted lead-generating marketing promotions with unprecedented effectiveness. The result is what a sports beta customer, a professional baseball franchise, called “one of our most successful promotions in history.”

WHO’S IN THAT SEAT- We help identify who is in that seat, part of a group, who is the person sitting in a corporate seat, and most important the walk up fan.

BUILD YOUR DATABASE- We deliver valuable consumer data and research to teams and, their sponsors. We achieve postal match rates as high as 98%.  That means up to 98% of the people who participate provide accurate information 98% of the time.

ENGAGE YOUR FAN- Reach out-Inform-Engage-Interact-Reward. Engaging fans with a chance to win high value rewards, like cars or a chance to win up to a million dollar results in high levels of participation.

CREATE EXCITEMENT FOR YOUR FAN- A chance to win up to a million dollars during the game excites most anyone.

KNOW YOUR FAN-  We deliver real-time behavioral experience tracking.  Know where they go, what they like, when they like it, and deliver a unique fan experience directly to the fan.

ENTERTAIN YOUR FANS WITH FAN LIGHTS- “a scoreboard in the fans pocket” extend your scoreboard directly to the fan.

Everything we do is revenue for you.

Team Touch-A-Prize Sponsor Village Booth 22