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In baseball, the term “small ball” refers to an offensive strategy that’s used to score a run in a smooth, deliberate way. It requires thought, precision, and coordination of tactics. At Smallball, we have developed a digital tool to help marketers apply the same concept to their brand with mobile messaging apps that are simple, interactive, and measurable. We are focused on helping brands drive fan engagement, awareness, and revenue by creating branded digital sticker packs and custom emojis and distributing them across mobile messaging applications.

Custom emojis and stickers allow brands to connect with potential customers on a more intimate level. With more than 200,000 messages sent around the world every second, stickers are an easy way to keep your brand top-of-mind without asking your customers to sign up or share information. Smallball makes it easy to design and launch your sticker pack without having to dedicate in-house resources to design and development.