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The groundbreaking SEATSERVE platform is designed to help large sports stadiums, ballparks and arenas optimize in-venue, last-mile fulfillment while elevating fan satisfaction. SEATSERVE is a game-changing, mobile ordering and marketing platform that enables venues and concession companies work together to ensure that every fan gets served. SEATSERVE’s proprietary multi-channel technology creates a win-win-win-win for teams, concessionaires, venues, and fans. Led by ex-military officers with years of valuable strategic training and experience in logistics and IT, SEATSERVE effectively caters to the demands of 40,000 to 80,000+ seat stadiums. We deliver a variety of F&B and merchandise to every seat in the house – even the bleachers. Fans order by scanning a nearby QR code that instantly accesses our white-labeled web app or chatbot. Every transaction is easy, fast and cashless. The venue and its concessions are supplied with a robust back-end system for maximizing delivery capabilities. Staff is able to handle a high volume of orders in a short time, while eliminating bottlenecks at the counter. Managers maintain Mobile Command & Control with real-time alerts and troubleshooting solutions. For marketing and data teams, SEATSERVE tools, such as APIs and real-time dashboards, offer valuable data analytics. Support is provided for fan on-boarding, re-targeting, and re-ordering. (Our Automated Personal Waiter, tracks individual spending and attendance history to deliver up-sells, cross-sales, and promotional offers.) For brands and sponsors, our smart activations tools unlock additional revenue without additional effort. Our white-labeled, fan-facing, web-ordering solution is easily customizable with branding, logos, graphics and messaging for the integrated needs of teams, venues and sponsors. All of these revenue-building features are designed to power existing POS systems, either independently or integrated. With a worldwide stadium presence, SEATSERVE follows best practices in working with vendors and organizations to constantly enrich the fan experience.