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HAVRION’s mission is to connect people and technology to create more immersive experiences for every member of society. We are a privately-owned minority business headquartered in Miramar FL. focused on delivering advanced technology solutions to small, mid-market, and enterprise customers.

At HAVRION, we aim to create innovative technology that significantly enhances performance and protection through the interconnection of actions and outcomes on digital displays. Our platforms consist of Engagement and connection.

HAVRION takes the guesswork out of the process, creating customized integration plans and providing detailed, long-term strategies that align with our partners’ business objectives.

PERFORM- HAVRION’s PERFORM Platform provides solutions enabling your data to work for you. It is an AI-powered platform that allows integrations with multiple IoT devices to produce desired outcomes targeting Points of Interest (POI) defined in the system. HAVRION PERFORM is cloud-native and implemented following the highest industry security standards. The PERFORM Platform integrates with occupancy and people measurement sensors that provide wayfinding, way telling, and crowd monitoring analytics against a customer’s pre-defined points of interest or POI.

HAVRION TV powered by SAMSUNG delivers the highest quality fully native commercial IPTV experience on Samsung SMART signage displays.

HAVRION- Protect Life and Go Beyond.