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FanServ is built to unite sports publishers, advertisers, leagues, teams, and developers in finding the true value of the fan.  Starting in 2010 as a development shop for NHL and NBA team apps, we’ve always felt the strong need in the marketplace to deliver the sports fan relevant brands at the right time and place in the context of sports.  Today, we’ve expanded our offerings and incorporated an ad-tech platform to bring our experience and focus to three fronts:

Building Custom Apps – Products designed and developed specifically for sports publishers, teams, arenas, and leagues.  Our scalable and flexible approach allows clients to get to market quickly with a robust offering of features and integrated services while paying close attention to the fan experience and engagement.

Connecting Brand Advertisers – Our mission is to connect brand advertisers with a passionate sports audience while they are engaged with sports content.  Using our ad platform and the data fans generate through their digital fingerprints, we are able to find fans in the right market at the right time and targeting brand creative to reach that audience is what we do best!

Monetizing Publishers Inventory – In a lot of ways, we have publishing in our DNA.  And as such, we’ve experienced the need for sales support in this changing digital landscape.  From vetting network sources to providing leadership on how to grow and maintain user base, our efforts on monetizing the second screen experience is one of our best unique differentiators.

The combination of these efforts resonates in our tagline: Know Your Fans.  When we talk about Building, Connecting, and Monetizing; each of these capabilities are aimed at finding the key behaviors, themes, and segments of fans to drive our clients’ success.  By knowing the fan, we can produce and share the true value of fan engagement.  By knowing the fan, we can build features into our products that are relevant and anticipated.  By knowing the fan, we can activate targeted campaigns and optimize towards meaningful results.  Knowing your fans is the theme that ties what we do to why we do it.

In the end, we believe the shared passion of sports positions FanServ to improve on and deliver results for brands, teams, leagues, and publishers; allowing our sports clients the capability of building relationships with their sports audience.  At FanServ, we’ve focused on building the most kickass ad platform in sports, which means we have a real network of real developers and publishers whose real audience is exactly what the sport business model is looking for.