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ClearSlide elevates your brand and provides your buyers with a fully immersive experience by incorporating video and multimedia into your presentations.  By integrating content, communication and engagement data, we make it easy for you to quickly find the best content and communicate it seamlessly through emails and meetings while giving your visibility into exactly what your buyers are engaging with.

ClearSlide customers achieve higher seller productivity by knowing which prospects to focus on, what they are interested in, and what next action to take. Sales teams also see an increase in ticket sales, sponsorships, season passes, and hospitality packages.

For managers and leaders, ClearSlide provides visibility into team selling activities and engagement dashboards to improve forecasting and assist in sales coaching. For creative content teams, ClearSlide makes it easy to organize and measure content effectiveness and ensure everyone is using the latest and greatest content.

ClearSlide helps many of today’s sports organization’s sales teams deliver on their sales numbers. Just a few of our customers include Sacramento Kings, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, San Jose Sharks, Pacers Basketball, Phoenix Suns, PGATour.

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