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BCaster’s user generated media platform brings authentic content to the hands of sport teams and brands for engagement, experience, personalization, rewarding, marketing, integration and campaigns. With BCaster’s technology only your imagination is the limit!

BCaster can be embedded to an app or white labeled. AI and Machine Learning technology tags everything automatically frame-by-frame in real-time for curated instant use or later productions with analytics and instant search capabilities. Combine UGC content in your messaging and marketing – even with professional video content – for enhanced authentic brand experience.

BCaster helps to have direct connections with consumers and fans while turning them to proactive contributors to value creation. With BCaster you can build interaction fields around the consumer. Let’s talk – What’s your engagement strategy?

For additional information on BCaster, please contact Janne Neuvonen at:

Janne Neuvonen, CEO & Founder
470 Ramona Street, Palo Alta, CA 94301