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Bauer Entertainment Marketing (BEM) delivers more fans, sales, and profit for sports businesses. As a full-service sports marketing agency, we’ve helped grow 100+ companies including X Games, Circuit of the Americas, Music City Bowl, and Chicagoland Speedway. What’s the ROI? For every $1 clients have spent with BEM, they’ve received an average of $16 in return.

Typically, our engagements begin with a Marketing Audit. We analyze how prospective buyers discover an offering, what they consider before buying, what steps are required of them to make a purchase, and what additional opportunities could increase their spending.

After the Marketing Audit, we remove barriers to growth and streamline the buyers’ journey. We can also plan and manage highly effective marketing campaigns to drive growth. Some specific solutions we offer include website development, content strategy, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, sponsorship activation and measurement, and online advertising.

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