2022 Platinum Vendors  

Sponsor Bio

For the past 20 years ago, Cinco has lived by a simple mantra: “Life is an experience. Experience is the new brand”. As a result, Cinco’s mission has been to help and empower beloved companies, rights holders and iconic brands around the world to meaningfully engage with their consumers and communities in a live and digital world.

Today, it prides itself on creating consumer engagements and sponsorship strategies for a wide range of clients all over the world and across all continents.

The Cinco team of creative, diverse and enthusiastic professionals strives to design live and virtual experiences that enhance awareness, engagement, acquisition, and retention for some of the most iconic brands, major sponsors, and coolest properties around the world.

Cinco’s notable unfair competitive advantage is the creation of its CincoLab &unit in 2010. CincoLab’s mandate has been to harness the power of its innovation to create unique consumer engagements through technology that ensure brands can connect with their audience in the most relevant, personal and contextual way possible.

This commitment to the extraordinary has resulted in our flagship innovation – xSpace. This virtual Experience Space, better known as xSpace is a disruptive approach to Sports Sponsorship &; Engagement Marketing. Through re-imagining our interactions online, these spaces merely act as the brand’s own private virtual environment; one that provides a clear purpose to the audience, a definite brand connection, product consideration and discoveries, and rich virtual experiences. xSpace is a virtual engagement and consideration space to hang out, discover, buy, meet people, learn, and have fun at different key moments of the customer journey.

xSpace is designed to address real-world problems, faced by brands trying to adapt to the paradigm shift in virtual experiences. Each xSpace mirrors a “real-life” feel to enable engagement in a virtual setting like never before at different points in the virtual consumer journey. Tailor-made for every industry and category, including but not limited to sports, cosmetics, automotive, festivals, trade shows and retail.

Cinco has worked with several national and international brands, events and associations, such as Ford, NHL, NBA, FIFA, Rio Olympics, Rugby World Cup, Mercedes, L'Oreal, Nestle, Samsung, Sephora, Coors Light, and many more.