Samantha Davies

Samantha Davies

SVP, Marketing

Speaker Bio

With more than 30 years of experience in marketing and corporate communications for national financial institutions, Samantha Davies understands the power of strategic marketing. Today’s consumers access information across all channels – from mobile to traditional storefronts – and an organization’s marketing, advertising, social media, and public relations campaigns must work together seamlessly regardless of how the customer is accessing their information. These modern initiatives must be data-driven, analytically tracked, and results-
oriented. This is Samantha’s specialty.

Always striving for the win-win situation, Samantha has developed a reputation for her ability to successfully negotiate even the most challenging circumstances. Whether it’s negotiating terms for high-level brand sponsorships or working internally with C-Suite business leaders, Samantha thrives in creating collaborative environments that are driven by shared passion and mutually beneficial strategies. This skillset has also allowed Samantha to become an effective leader, who is passionate about building strong teams.

Understanding that balance must be found between the human and digital elements of marketing, Samantha has found great success blending emerging technologies with more traditional methods. With her omni-channel approach, she is able to address the full spectrum of audience segments, maximizing the organizations ROIs and improving the brand’s visibility across the board.