Ruby Newell-Legner

Ruby Newell-Legner

Fan Experience Expert

Speaker Bio

Fan Experience Designer, Ruby Newell-Legner, offers 7 Star Service solutions to amplify your brand and bottom-line. Through consulting and training, she has designed customized staff development programs for:

97 stadiums and arenas

66 professional sports teams

60 universities, colleges, schools, and military installations

44 new facilities preparing to open

480 franchise locations

More than 1400 businesses in 25 countries

14 5 star hotels and the only 7 Star Hotel in the world

From Denver to Dubai, Ruby brings unprecedented expertise and insight on how to create a service culture that motivates employees and promotes loyalty and retention inside and outside the organization – with employees and customers.

Clients that have followed Ruby’s 7 Star Service Proprietary Process have seen the following results:

Increased Customer Satisfaction Ratings by 17%

Improved Secret Shopping Scores to consistent perfect scores in multiple venues

Moved from #85 to the #1 position in ESPN Fan Experience rankings of 122 professional sports franchises

Amplified repeat business by 19%

Expanded their Season Ticket Holders from 4,000 to 14,000

Increased revenue in one year by 16%