Ron Seaver

Ron Seaver

President of the National Sports Forum

Speaker Bio

As the President of Seaver Marketing Group and Founder of the National Sports Forum, Ron Seaver has over 30 years of experience in the fields of sponsorship, marketing and promotions. He has been distinguished nationally as an expert in these fields by Major League Baseball, Westfield Group & Denny’s Corporation to name just a few.

Ron’s career started in ticket sales before working his way up and spending eight years as the Director of Sponsorship & Promotions with the San Diego Padres. Ron then made the move into the corporate world where he served as the Vice President of Fantastic Sports Promotions, where he worked on sponsorship programs for corporations such as Gillette, Evian Waters of France, Ralston-Purina, Denny’s Restaurants and Upper Deck Trading Cards, among others.

For the last 24 years Ron has focused his time and energy on developing The National Sports Forum, North America’s only cross team/sports business conference which brings together 1,000+ sports business executives annually for 3 days to talk about sponsorship, marketing, and business development strategies.