Kevin Weeks

Kevin Weeks

VP, Sports, Business Operations & Data Science

Speaker Bio

Kevin Weeks is a Vice President of Marketing at SoFi, where he leads three functions – Sports Marketing, Business Operations and Data Science.  In his Sports Marketing role, Kevin oversees key relationships with leagues, teams, venues and talent, with specific focus on strategic partnerships with SoFi Stadium, the Los Angeles Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams.  As the head of Marketing Business Operations and Data Science, Kevin is responsible for driving operational and financial efficiency throughout SoFi’s marketing organization.  In previous roles at SoFi, Kevin was on the launch teams of several new businesses including Checking & Savings, Credit Card, Brokerage, Crypto, Life Insurance and Credit Score Monitoring.

Prior to SoFi, Kevin was COO of Dozen Digital, a NYC-based digital marketing agency focused on Series Seed through B venture-backed startups.  Kevin spent his early career at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in investment banking and in the bank’s strategic investing group. He is a graduate of Columbia Business School and the University of Pennsylvania, where he played offensive line on the varsity football team.