Karlis Kezbers

Karlis Kezbers

VP, Business Development, Live Analytics

Speaker Bio

Karlis Kezbers joined the Thunder in September 2008 and currently serves as the team’s director of business intelligence & ticket strategy. The Bloomington, Minnesota, native grew up in Oklahoma City and graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2004. Upon graduating, he joined the sales and retention team for the NBA’s Phoenix Suns. After four seasons with the Suns, Kezbers jumped at the opportunity to help build a franchise in his hometown. During his time at the Thunder, Kezbers has overseen season ticket retention, premium service, ticket operations and business analytics.

In his current role, Karlis is an Analytics Consultant for Interworks in OKC. Kezbers, his wife Emily and kids Brynn and Davis reside in Edmond.