Brandon Steiner

Brandon Steiner

Founder & CEO

Speaker Bio

Brandon Steiner is the Founder and CEO of CollectibleXchange and The Steiner Agency. Launching Steiner Sports in 1987, Steiner began connecting athletes with businesses, and quickly became known for sports memorabilia. Since the early 1990s, Steiner has worked with some of the biggest teams, players and universities in sports, including the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, Derek Jeter, Muhammed Ali, Madison Square Garden, Syracuse University and Notre Dame University.


After 32 years, Steiner was sold to Fanatics in 2019, and Brandon launched CollectibleXchange and The Steiner Agency. A dynamic marketplace, CollectibleXchange (CX) is a revolution within the collectibles space as it allows individuals to buy, sell and auction like never before. Likewise, CX’s platform Athlete Direct is co-opted by players, coaches and agents as they can sell their collectibles (signed, game-used, etc.).