FC Dallas and Sky Elements Drone Shows Reach New Heights with Reimagined Theme Nights that Change the Fan Experience

FC Dallas and Sky Elements Drone Shows Reach New Heights with Reimagined Theme Nights that Change the Fan Experience

Posted on August 15, 2023 by National Sports Forum | Selling It | SUBSCRIBE

By: Isabelle Madrid & Ella Dorsey

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I hope everyone is having a great summer and staying cool this August! “Selling It…” took a short summer break and we are excited to be back, continuing to share great successes across the sports industry from fan engagement to ticket sales to partnership activation and all in between!

In this edition of “Selling It…,” we had the chance to learn more about a great partnership between Sky Elements and FC Dallas in which they have been able to revolutionize FC Dallas theme nights with Sky Elements Drone Shows. Be sure to have your pen ready to take some notes on this one! Continue reading below…


Isabelle Madrid

Communications Manager



There is no better feeling than entering a stadium and immersing in the unique experience fans can’t get anywhere else. Between both pregame and in-game, there are various entertainment opportunities—tailgates, photo opportunities, music, giveaways, halftime shows, and more. Yet post-game fan entertainment is usually limited to a firework show at best. There is ample room for innovation when it comes to elevating the post-game fan experience, and FC Dallas is at the forefront of that. FC Dallas recognized the competitive advantage they had with their open-air stadium and reimagined the post-game experience with Sky Elements, a company specializing in drone professional light shows. These shows include music and videos synced with drones and other LED elements.

Last year during the 2022 season, the idea of a drone show was proposed by Jerome Elenez, Vice President of Marketing at FC Dallas. Together with Sky Elements, they put on two shows- one being Star Wars themed. FC Dallas leaned into the sold-out Star Wars night with custom bobbleheads and guest appearances from characters. The Sky Elements drone show added an extraordinary and unforgettable element to the night. The show itself had a combination of drones and fireworks and fans in attendance were given a special LED trinket programmed to light up in sync with the show. Instead of the show just being something to watch, the fans were put into an all-immersive experience that pulled the theme night together. The reaction from the shows was through the roof. “Our ownership group had never seen this many fans stick around for a post-game show before,” Elenez shared. Following the positive reaction from the fans, FC Dallas and Sky Elements were eager to see what else they could accomplish together. In the current 2023 season, up to six drone shows have been planned with themes such as 80’s Night, Dino Night, Peace and Love, Military Appreciation, and more. This unique blend of sports and entertainment elevates the game atmosphere to new heights. 


Entertaining fans is one of the most essential elements of game days. FC Dallas and Sky Elements both understand the importance of creating unforgettable moments for loyal supporters. FC Dallas was looking to establish itself as a way for families and friends to spend their entertainment dollars. Elenez further explained, “We want people to be soccer fans, but we also want them to be entertained. Providing entertainment value is the main objective for every game.” Their goal was to re-engage their loyal fans and cater to their casual fans with special theme nights. Elenez discussed that the drone shows help the team get more creative and lean into the various themes, “The drone shows have really brought our postgame entertainment to a whole new level.” He and his team wanted to find new ways to provide the ultimate fan entertainment and showcase that a fan at Toyota Stadium is not just spending their money on a soccer game, but an unforgettable experience. 

While explaining the thought process behind the partnership, Rick Boss, Vice President of Business Development at Sky Elements, said, “When we originally saw the site and ability for the fans to be able to see a drone show with a perfect viewing angle, we knew we could make it work and get creative… it’s just a perfect site. There has been great engagement from everybody and it’s really been a great success for us.” The aspect of a drone show allows teams to incorporate another level of creativity and marketing unlike anything else and FC Dallas quickly saw the benefits. 


Both FC Dallas and Sky Elements were eager to bring their visions to life and their collaboration and partnership have helped exceed the expectations. They began their partnership in 2022 with two postgame drone shows that went seamlessly. Jerome Elenez knew they were just scratching the surface, “It is amazing to see this collaboration and having my ideas and visions come to life with the help of the Sky Elements team. I get to work with really great partners who are supportive and understand what we are trying to deliver to our fans.” Rick Boss commended Elenez and his team for their commitment to leveraging all their assets for their theme nights and allowing the drone shows to pull it all together postgame. 

Following the 2022 season and the success that the drone shows brought, FC Dallas and Sky Elements worked out a three-year partnership to continue to wow the fans and reach new heights in fan experience. The partnership between FC Dallas and Sky Elements serves as an example of how the sports industry and technology continue to converge to create extraordinary experiences. They have six drone shows planned for 2023, as well as big goals for the seasons to follow. 


The Sky Elements drone shows transformed the postgame experience into a mesmerizing show, leaving fans and executives awestruck. The positive reactions continued to shine through the 2022 season and into 2023. Last season, FC Dallas had 7 game sellouts compared to an average of 1-2 sellouts in previous years, with two of those being drone show nights. In the current 2023 season, they have already sold out 5 of 7 home games, with 2 of those being drone show nights as well. Elenez feels that his marketing team has been able to elevate the atmosphere at the stadium with theme nights and drone shows. The fans are excited to come no matter a win or loss because of the added immersive experiences.

Attendance was up over 33% for the 2022 season and the team is seeing the highest increase in season ticket renewals. Following the success of last season, FC Dallas has implemented a ‘drone package’ to their ticket sales, which includes a 6 game bundle for each drone show.

Looking Ahead:

Beyond the numbers, Elenez feels reinspired and feels as though he has been able to push the boundaries of his and his team’s creativity to new heights, “Seeing the success of our theme nights has been one of the highlights of my role here at FC Dallas and knowing I have a great team and partners only makes it better,” he commented. 

FC Dallas is looking forward to future shows in the coming years. In the 2023 season alone, the team has put on four drone shows with two upcoming – another Star Wars theme and Superhero Night. Elenez says that “the sky is [literally] the limit,” when it comes to the future and they hope to continue to elevate these thematic shows. Rick and the Sky Elements team are also looking to continue to expand their creativity, “As technology continues to improve with the drones, there will be even more opportunities to make special experiences for the fans.” By pushing the boundaries, both FC Dallas and Sky Elements are showcasing the potential for innovation and collaboration in the sports business landscape. 

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