NASCAR and The Atlanta Motor Speedway Pay Tribute with their Seats for Soldiers Initiative

NASCAR and The Atlanta Motor Speedway Pay Tribute with their Seats for Soldiers Initiative

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NASCAR and The Atlanta Motor Speedway Pay Tribute with their Seats for Soldiers Initiative

The Atlanta Motor Speedway Gives Back to Those Who’ve Served

By: Chris Reik


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As we prepare for the holiday festivities and sharing time with family and friends, the NSF wanted to put a spotlight on NASCAR and what The Atlanta Motor Speedway has been doing to spread joy to all. Through the Seats for Soldiers Initiative, the Atlanta Motor Speedway encompassed the spirit of selflessness, patriotism, and altruism. 
In this edition of the Selling It Feature, we look at how The Atlanta Motor Speedway showed appreciation to the troops by bringing them to the race track. Enjoy!


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NASCAR and The Atlanta Motor Speedway Pay Tribute With Their Seats For Soldiers Initiative


The Atlanta Motor Speedway wanted to express their gratitude toward the troops. They created the Seats for Soldiers initiative in hope to garnish more interest for the season and fill out their 100,000-seat stadium. The Atlanta Motor Speedway had two objectives for this initiative- to generate sellout crowds and give fans an opportunity to show their appreciation to those who served for our country. They did just that.


Through this program, fans, teams, and organizations could buy these “tickets”, or donations, for $25 a piece that would then be translated into a ticket for a service member. This allowed all NASCAR fans, or anyone who wanted to make a difference, the chance to create an impact on the lives of those who served our country by bringing them to the Atlanta Motor Speedway free of charge. The speedway also offered a Patriot pack that consisted of 20 tickets for $500. With both of these options going hand in hand with the values of the Seats for Soldiers program, the Atlanta Motor Speedway made sure to leave their mark on the NASCAR community and those who have served for our country. This program shows Atlanta Motor Speedway’s unparalleled commitment to service men and women.

5 March, 2017: A U.S. flag is unfurled by members of the United States Air Force during the NASCAR Folds of Honor Quick Trip 500 race at Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, Georgia, March 5, 2017. (HHP/David Tulis)




The Atlanta Motor Speedway partners with the United Service Organization (USO) annually to ensure the proceeds from their events coincide with their mission of giving back to service members. All of the proceeds are exchanged into tickets that are donated to the USO and given directly to the U.S Military members free of charge. Since the beginning of their partnership with the USO in 2017 over 4,000 tickets have been distributed.


To this point in the year, 4,218 tickets have been bought and donated, already surpassing the total from the first two years of the initiative combined. “Since 2017 our Seats for Soldiers program has given our community the opportunity to express their appreciation to those who are serving our nation. Each year the enthusiastic support of the program has exceeded our highest expectations,” said Executive Vice President and General Manager Brandon Hutchison. “Thanks to that generosity, we’re able to proudly host well over 1,000 active military members at our race weekend each year at no cost to them.” As the 2020 Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 draws closer, the numbers of ticket sales and donations continue to increase as everyone wants to have their hand in giving back to the U.S military this holiday season.


Since the start of the initiative, the Seats for Soldiers program has been a great success for the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Through Seats for Soldiers, the speedway has brought soldiers to the races that otherwise would not have been able to attend, doing so out of the generosity of other NASCAR fans is just icing on the cake. The success and gratitude that this program has brought has showed the NASCAR family as well as the Atlanta Motor Speedway the benefits of the initiative, making this something that will be carried on well into the future.


To learn more about the Atlanta Motor Speedway and the Seats For Soldiers initiative contact James Schram, Director of Business Development  at the Atlanta Motor Speedway at


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