LAFC Scores Brownie Points with Mobile Ordering

LAFC Scores Brownie Points with Mobile Ordering

Posted on October 2, 2019 by National Sports Forum | Selling It | SUBSCRIBE

LAFC Scores Brownie Points with Mobile Ordering

Convenience is key with LAFC’s new iMessage food and drink ordering system.

By: Ryan Luong

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Editor’s Note

Dear Faithful Readers,

Fall is officially here! It’s time to get cozy as the holiday season is officially in full swing. Aside from all of the festivities, it’s time to watch some sports! MLS, MLB, and NFL seasons are underway as we also gear up for the NHL’s season opener! With new seasons come all kinds of excitement – and all new ways to further brand engagement.

With that being said, this week we wanted to highlight what LAFC is doing for their fans at Banc of California Stadium. Since their conception, LAFC has been known for their innovative takes on becoming a more interactive organization. Through this initiative, LAFC is bringing a convenient game day experience that’s available at their fan’s fingertips. Hope you enjoy the read!


Carlie Dawson
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

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LAFC Scores Brownie Points with Mobile Ordering


Check anyone’s pocket or purse and chances are you’re going to find an iPhone. We know it, you know it, and the Los Angeles Football Club knows it too. In an effort to create a superior fan experience, the Major League Soccer team is now utilizing iOS i­­­Message on Apple products to create a simplistic tool for customers to order food and beverages. LAFC’s goal is to have their guests be in control of their game day experience. This fan first experience is taking the hectic hustle and bustle out of game day.


Fans might not be able to control the outcome of the game, but they can sure choose how and when they get their food. LAFC guests can either tap an NFC tag or scan a QR code which will open up menu options on their device. The menu isn’t completely set as the soccer club is looking to rotate the menu to give fans what they crave. After browsing the choices, users will text in their order. Fans no longer have to waste precious time waiting in a line when they could be spending watching the game alongside friends and family. After placing the order, fans can pick up their food and drinks whenever most convenient to them. No more missing goals, no more hassle.


There’s a beauty to team sports. From camaraderie to friendships to achieving things you couldn’t do alone. That’s why LAFC teamed up with Apple Pay, Satisfi, and Tapin2 to bring this technology to their fan’s pockets. LAFC brings the soccer and these partners bring the software. It’s a win-win for the guests! Payment will be processed exclusively through ApplePay.


So far this season, LAFC has been scoring points with their fans and guests. There has been a positive uptick in adoption, social media buzz, general interest in the technology from other organizations (us included!) and a plethora of other benefits.


LAFC isn’t done yet. They plan on pushing this initiative even further, going from two concession stands to several by 2020. Mobile ordering has been beneficial so far and the soccer club wants to further the usage of technology for everyone who visits Banc of California Stadium.


For more information regarding LAFC and their food and drink ordering messenger, please contact Aubrey Freckman, Manager, Communications at



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