Bringing All Eyes on iSite Media

Bringing All Eyes on iSite Media

Posted on March 12, 2020 by National Sports Forum | Selling It | SUBSCRIBE

Bringing All Eyes on iSite Media

iSite Media Captivates Sports Fans and Event Goers with Unique Take on Digital Media 

By: Ryan Luong

Dear Faithful Readers,

Thank you for all those who were able to attend the 25th National Sports Forum in Atlanta last month. We had an incredible time and ATL definitely didn’t disappoint! In less than two months, I am beyond excited to visit Chicago for the first time to hold our annual Spring Summit on May 6-7, 2020. I hope to see you there! 

On this edition of the Selling It feature, we take a look at how iSite Media ramps up fan engagement for venues with their intuitive and unique advertising technology! 


Carlie Dawson

Marketing and Communications Manager

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All Eyes on iSite Media


iSite Media, an interactive digital signage network, is working to bridge the bond between advertiser and fan. By utilizing innovative digital advertising technology, the company is carving the way towards an aesthetically pleasing means to effectively monetize and further improve fan engagement for attendees. Matt Poling, Senior Director of Corporate Partnerships of the St. Louis Blues says, “iSite Media is a dynamic media that [iSite Media] brought into our building. It really focused on a fan’s experience and a fan’s interaction with not only employees, concession stands and guest services but also how they are receiving partnership messaging and sponsorship messaging.”


Where in an event space is everyone going to visit at some point in their two to three hour duration stay? You guessed it- the restroom. John Penny, General Manager/Vice President of Louisville Sports Property explained that, “[iSite Media] brought a product that gives us an enhanced asset pool to be able to go to the market with. In the concert business a lot of our advertising inventory gets turned off when the show starts so this platform and this product enhanced our ability to have an offering that can reach our customers and our fans here in the building from the beginning of the night to the last note of the concert.” Teams and venues are able to ensure that fans see the uniquely crafted and visually appealing advertisements throughout their stay. Additionally, these added screens will provide additional convenience for fans with phone, concession items, and purse holders.



iSite Media is currently live in four stadiums. Some of these include works with collegiate athletics and professional arenas. The venues consist of Enterprise Center, Memorial Stadium, KFC Yum! Center, and Mizzou Arena. iSite Media is not just limited to sports. The unique platform can be easily transitioned to fit other high traffic properties such as music amphitheaters and much more.


It can be difficult to calculate exact numbers when it comes to advertising results, but iSite Media boasts an impressive no risk, win-win situation for venues bringing on this form of advertising. These creative messages, fostering a call to action, yielded impressive results and additional fan engagement. iSite Media provides additional benefits with an increase in added inventory.


The digital media agency began with humble beginnings in the world of print advertising under another moniker. Since their transition into the world of digital media, they have seen excellent growth with no signs of slowing down. In the next six months, iSite Media aims to gain national deals and collaborate with 15-25 new stadiums and arenas.


For more information regarding the iSite Media, please contact Brian Lord, Co-Founder and CEO at


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