Houston Astros & Crawford Bock Beer

Houston Astros & Crawford Bock Beer

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Houston Astros Launch Initiative to Give Fans Ultimate Baseball Experience

The Astros teamed up with Karbach Brewing Company to give fans a beverage that truly hit it out of the park

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Editor’s Note

Dear Faithful Readers,

I hope your summer has been off to a restful and joyous start! For many, this season marks another wonderful year of MLB. With baseball season in full swing, I have enjoyed attending the games and being in such an atmosphere of team spirit! Being able to spend quality time supporting my favorite teams has been such a cherished time.

While fans often love the sense of community that comes with attending MLB games, the Houston Astros have taken this to a new level. By partnering with Karbach Brewing, the Astros have created a beer that brings together fans all over the country. “Crawford Bock”, which can only be found at Minute Maid Park, has worked to create a sense of unity and team spirit not often seen before! Hope you enjoy the read!


Jada Brown
Marketing & Communications Director

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Houston Astros Teamed up With Karbach to Create Team Beer


Beer and baseball, what more could a fan ask for? The Houston Astros teamed up with Karbach Brewing Co. in order to promote “Crawford Bock”, an easy-drinking beer found not only at Minute Maid Park but now available in stores, as well. For generations, beer and baseball have gone hand in hand. In order to create a unique engagement with their fans, the Astros wanted to offer a drinking experience special to their fans. Respecting the traditional nature of baseball, the hope was that fans would leave each game feeling a part of something intimate. The Crawford Bock promotion not only was the perfect avenue to reach fans, but also allowed an opportunity for the team to give back to the community through incorporating The Astros Foundation; A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Crawford Bock beer at Minute Maid Park will go to the Astros Foundation.


With the automatic chemistry of beer and baseball set, the Astros hoped to make clear three key concepts inside this new partnership. Since this was to be a beer for the fans, it was important that fans were able to enjoy the refreshment for the duration of a game. Throughout 9 innings, fans needed to be coming back for Crawford Bock. A second key aspect was not only creating an immediate presence inside the community, but rather nurturing a culture that would reflect who the Astros were. Though hoping to create a new environment, it was important that the beer remained true to the Astros tradition. Finally, the beer needed to be something that represented all Astros fans alike. Because baseball spans across multiple generations, it was important that Crawford Bock could be enjoyed by adult fans of all ages. Creating a drink that could be enjoyed by those adult fans, was crucial in bringing together the entire Astros community.


Karbach Brewing wanted to create a partnership that represented the character of both organizations. While producing a great product has always been a principal value for Karbach, giving back to the community is at the forefront of what they do. The partnership with The Astros served as a great outlet to provide their audience with quality product, while also boosting their ability to give back. Crawford Bock wanted to create a feeling of connectedness to the game, whether watching from the stands or at home. Karbach worked closely with the Astros in order to create a product that both fans and companies alike were proud of.


Though only sold in one state, Crawford Bock has become the top new craft beer in the nation. In just under 3 months, the partnership has been able to generate more funding than expected the entire year. The engagement within the community has been phenomenal. Not only has a new connection been made between the team and their fans, but funds of more than $25,000 have been raised by the Astros Foundation. Initiatives for Youth Sports, Military Families, Childhood Cancer, and Homelessness have benefited from the success of Crawford Bock.


With the success of the program, Crawford Bock will continue to be sold at Minute Maid Park. As sales grow, funding will continue to be given to charitable initiatives, as the connection between the team and their fans grows.


For more information on Crawford Bock, please reach out to the team at Karbach Brewing Company. To learn more about the partnership, contact Creighton Kahoalii, Astros Sr. Director, Corporate Partnership at ckahoalii@astros.com.



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