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Stadiums & Arenas – iSite Media is the first digital signage network specifically engineered to drive value inside stadium and arena restrooms.  The iSite network incorporates emerging ad tech with the functionality of a consumer focused shelf to provide a solution that delivers internal marketing outlets and increase sponsorship platforms, while improving the fan’s overall experience. Oh and iSite is providing the network and management at no cost to their stadium and arena partners through 2018!

Sponsorship Brands & Media Buyers – iSite Media is the only digital signage network in professional or collegiate sports to drive value to sponsoring brands by focusing content delivery inside the captive environment of the restroom. The restroom environment amplifies the three most important factors in advertising; Viewability, Impression Accuracy and Targetability. Through iSite’s emerging ad tech, sensor integration and real-time delivery, the sponsorship network allows brands to maximize the relatability of the message being consumed. Delivering the right message, to the right audience, at the right time!