Esports Workshop

Esports Workshop

Sunday, February 10, 2:50pm – 5:30pm
Room: 302

Esports has taken the industry by storm in recent years, and the ecosystem continues to grow at an enormous rate. With that growth, we’re seeing more and more sports organizations investing into the esports space, which provides a tremendous intersection between traditional sports and esports. In this workshop we explored WHY traditional sports teams and sponsors are investing in esports, and how they can be leveraging their existing sports portfolio to grow their brand in esports, and how teams with interests in esports can be approaching their existing corporate clientele to expand their relationships. Additionally, we discussed some of what makes the esports space particularly unique, interesting trends with esports gambling and how teams can ensure that while investing in the space, we don’t necessarily try to re-invent the esports wheel.

*This workshop was open to all NSF attendees

Workshop Leaders:

Kye Browning

Program and Event Director



For questions about the E-Sports Workshop contact Josh Keiles at or 619-469-4101 x 201