Denver Nuggets “Season Ticket Holder Draft Party” (Editor’s Choice)

Denver Nuggets “Season Ticket Holder Draft Party” (Editor’s Choice)

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Nuggets season ticket holders go behind-the-scenes for an unforgettable experience.

By: Sam Thornton

Editor’s Note

Dear Faithful Readers, It’s crazy to think that Fall is already upon us and with it, comes a ton of great sports action (it also means that the 2018 Forum is around the corner!). Baseball is nearing playoff season, football is in full swing, and basketball is kicking off with an exciting preseason.
Since the NBA Media Day happened earlier this week, we thought it would be fitting to bring back one of our favorite stories about an NBA team who created a unique experience for their season ticket holders . The Denver Nuggets started a Mock Draft party for their Gold365 Members as a way to engage their season ticket holders on the off-season, as well as help secure renewals for the upcoming season.


Ashlee Tsukushi
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Denver Nuggets: ‘Season Ticket Holder Draft Party’


The Denver Nuggets goal as an organization was to use their GOLD365 membership program to create new experiences and lasting memories, throughout the entire year. The Nuggets decided they wanted to create new events for season ticket holders, rather than just providing a ticket to a game. The Mock Draft allowed the Nuggets to get in front of their current GOLD365 members, non-renewed members, “rookie” accounts, as well as provided an opportunity for the sales staff to bring in prospects. The goal was to give current members a new and fun experience and also to renew some accounts for the upcoming season. In addition to the Mock Draft Party, the Nuggets offered an exclusive opportunity for GOLD365 members to purchase tickets to the NBA Draft in New York.


Since the Nuggets had picks number 7 and 15 in this year’s NBA Draft, the Mock Draft ran through the first 15 picks. The Mock Draft Party was organized with eight to ten GOLD365 members at each of the 15 tables, with each table representing a pick. Along with the members, each table was paired with a “Draft Expert” who ranged from Nuggets’ radio personalities, in-game announcers, assistant coaches, and members of the Nuggets’ PR team. The Nuggets also gave Jason Kosmicki, the Nuggets’ Executive Producer and Radio-Nuggets Studio Host for Altitude Broadcast, the role of draft commissioner. Jason added to the excitement by announcing that trades were available just before the first pick was to be announced. GOLD365 members were provided with a cheat sheet that included their team’s depth chart, as well as a bio on the top 30 players in the upcoming NBA Draft. Each fan had the opportunity to study at the table with their “Draft Expert” for 30 minutes before the Mock Draft began.

This event provided a behind the scenes style event for GOLD365 members that they would normally never be a part of. The Mock Draft highlighted what it would be like to make real picks in the NBA draft. It also allowed the Nuggets to connect with their GOLD365 members on a more personal level

After the Mock Draft concluded the Nuggets provided dinner for their members. This provided the chance to reflect on how the Mock Draft went and who they chose as their pick. It also gave members a chance to really talk with their “Draft Expert” and really connect with someone who knows the game and the Nuggets extremely well.


The Nuggets did not partner with any organization for the Mock Draft Party.


The Nuggets saw many positive results from this event. Multiple non-renewed accounts were renewed as a direct result of the event, as well as many referrals from the event turned into sales post-event. The Nuggets also got a lot of positive feedback after the event from their GOLD365 members and from the “Draft Experts.” One of the Nuggets’ Account Executives said,
“Last night was the best event I’ve been a part of here. I couldn’t stay for the whole thing, but what I saw and heard from everyone they had an incredible time and can’t stop talking about it! I had a few clients who could not stop thanking me for their experience.”The Nuggets’ social media team covered the event pick by pick, which created a buzz for next year’s Mock Draft Party.


The Nuggets plan to make this an annual event. Engaging fans in the offseason is a struggle. However, the Nuggets managed to keep their GOLD365 members not only engaged, but also excited for the upcoming NBA Draft and for the Nuggets next season.


For more information, contact:

Kelsey Smith, Director, Membership Services, Denver Nuggets



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