Creative Dimensions “Broadcasting Expansion”

Creative Dimensions “Broadcasting Expansion”

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Creative Dimensions becomes a Strategic Resource for the Broadcasting Industry

By Larissa Lakin

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As we head into this holiday season and the weather continues to grow colder, I find myself daydreaming about all the hot, delicious meals in store. In anticipation of my family’s upcoming Thanksgiving gathering, I’ve been trying to broaden my cooking capabilities and tackle a new casserole recipe…let’s just say it’s a good thing that we still have a couple of weeks until Thanksgiving. 

Although my attempt to expand my culinary expertise has been less than successful so far, I can take inspiration about trying new things from the company we chose to highlight in this week’s article: Creative Dimensions. This design-build agency decided to expand their already successful custom exhibit and signage offerings to become a highly demanded resource in the broadcasting industry as well! I can only hope that my casserole endeavors will mirror this progress before November 22nd. Hope you enjoy the read!


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 “The expansion of Creative Dimensions into the broadcasting industry marks a very admirable leap into a previously uncharted territory for the company. This bold decision reflects the beneficial outcome of expanding upon the company’s pre-existing capabilities and recognizing an opportunity for tremendous growth!” Visit to learn more about Sportsdigita.



Creative Dimensions “Broadcasting Expansion”


Connecticut-based company Creative Dimensions is no stranger to the sports industry. For decades, this international design-build agency has produced high-level custom exhibits and signage for their clientele. Riding off this success, Creative Dimensions decided to further exercise their talent and expand the business into a related arena: broadcasting. The company sought to establish itself by offering innovative solutions in the way of broadcast sets and remote desks. Joel Roy, President/Owner of Creative Dimensions states: “We exist to advance our clients’ agendas with limitless exhibit, broadcast and sign solutions by providing remarkable creative design and yankee craftsmanship with a focus on our team and community.”


Channeling their existing expertise into the broadcasting industry proved an excellent strategic decision for Creative Dimensions. Creative Dimensions realized early in the process of becoming a strategic resource for the broadcast industry that including elements possessing the qualities of portability, durability, and immediate visual impact was of the utmost importance.

Previously, they had been known for building traveling desks that are technically sound, easy to assemble, lightweight and durable. After surveying the existing broadcast desk landscape, the company determined the need for a quickly assembled remote desk with a smaller footprint on the production trucks and acted on this opportunity. This market research led to the creation of one of the most notable products produced for the industry, their VERSA Broadcast Desk; a lightweight, tool-free, modular desk that transitions to various configurations.


James Yates, a New York-based Production Designer was a notable partner in Creative Dimension’s broadcast expansion. Providing valuable technical insight in the way of “on-camera” builds, the designer helped to make the projects perform optimally in their final forms. Another partner playing an important role in Creative Dimension’s broadcast expansion was Jay O’Brien, Vice President of Broadcasting & Gameday Productions for the Baltimore Ravens. Over several years, Creative Dimensions has worked closely with O’Brien, producing his first small in-house broadcast studio many years ago. This past summer, they designed and installed a new high level, impressive full production studio at the Ravens’ practice facility located in Ownings Mills, MD.



This past decade following their broadcast world immersion, Creative Dimensions has enjoyed lots of recognition- their first studio project for SportsNet New York and another for the MSG Network won them an Emmy Award for Studio Design with another nomination for the YES Network studio in Stamford, CT.

Mainly through word of mouth and organic growth, they have had the opportunity to expand this service offering and partner with many professional sports teams, universities, corporations, and national broadcasters to produce their studio presence.

They have surpassed all initial expectations and provided services to some of the most recognizable and successful entities in the professional sports and broadcast industries such as the Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos, Microsoft, Facebook, and the Yes Network.  Additionally, their VERSA Broadcast Desk is presently owned by all the major networks and many professional and university teams.


Since its onset, the broadcast arena has opened several doors for Creative Dimensions to build strong relationships and a national presence with a diverse array of clients. The studios have served as a gateway from which they are able to provide many of their other service offerings.  As broadcast studios evolve, the company plans to be on the forefront to grow and progress along with clients and become a premier broadcast industry provider.


For more information contact Joel Roy, President of Creative Dimensions at


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