The College Football Hall of Fame Teams Up with Their Community

The College Football Hall of Fame Teams Up with Their Community

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“The College Football Hall of Fame Teams Up with Their Community

The Chick-Fil-A College Football Hall of Fame is providing support for youth sports programs across Atlanta. 

By: Ryan Luong



Dear Faithful Readers,

It’s been an exciting time recently with sports rebounding back and a few leagues competing in playoff action. I’ve been enjoying every second of it and hope that we will safely have fans back in stadiums soon! I hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy and continues to do so moving forward.

On this edition of the Selling It feature, we take you through the journey that the Chick-Fil-A College Football Hall Of Fame has been on these past few months. Read more to find out just how they’ve connected with the Atlanta community during such hard times. Enjoy!


Carlie Dawson

Marketing and Communications Manager

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“The College Football Hall of Fame Teams Up with Their Community


It won’t come as a surprise that communities across the world have been facing difficulties and challenging times during 2020. On May 29th, the College Football Hall of Fame suffered property damage as a result of riots. Elise Rankins, Events and Group Sales Manager of the College Football Hall of Fame, beams that “though our physical building suffered damage, the community came out in droves the next day to help rebuild and we are in good spirits.” The technology driven, interactive attraction reopened its doors to the public on July 1st and has since remained open. Despite all of the tragedies occurring in the world, the College Football Hall of Fame is attempting to provide a beacon of unification and hope for their local community. They are building a support network between themselves and youth sports programs by providing sports drinks to athletes and encouragement for coaches. Everyone is facing hardships. Understandably, not everyone can visit the Hall, but that does not mean that they cannot reach out to the masses. “The opportunity to serve and give back to our surrounding community is important to the heart of who we are as an organization.  We are fortunate to be able to provide something as simple as a cold drink to young, hardworking athletes in our community.  Our goal is to let these potential future hall of famers know that we see them, we support them and that we care,” says Elise.

Program Description: 

Some employees felt empowered to make a difference in their community. Under the complete support of the College Football Hall of Fame, these employees connected with contacts at the Atlanta Public School District and began reaching out to more coaches. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (or whenever teams are available), these employees would personally drop off sports drinks to the kids and provide some words of encouragement to these aspiring and dedicated athletes. Not all communities or school districts have the ability or funding to provide extra supplies during this pandemic, so the Hall is happy to contribute. 

The Hall is working with any programs needing assistance. They focus on underserved areas and programs but work with all teams, from youth programs up to the high school level. 


There is no current partnership tied to this initiative, but thanks to founding Hall partner, Kia Motors, the team is able to utilize a Kia Sorento community vehicle for their weekly drop offs.


Since August 18th, the team has reached approximately 700 kids. Their goal is to have helped out at least 1000 kids in the Atlanta community. They average three school/little league visits a week. The schedule each week is packed with various site visits. Those looking to keep up with the team’s adventures can click HERE!

Looking Ahead: 

The College Football Hall of Fame has high aspirations for this initiative. They are looking to continually grow and cultivate a connection with their community. The Hall hopes to build a relationship that can provide a safe place for these coaches and athletes. Some initiatives the Hall hopes to implement are to offer educational and recreational activities for the coaches, and find speakers to help create better relationships between players and coaches. The Hall has aspirations of providing a level of community support beyond just dropping off sports drinks.


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