St. Louis Cardinals “Ballpark Pass”

St. Louis Cardinals “Ballpark Pass”

Posted on May 10, 2017 by National Sports Forum | Selling It | SUBSCRIBE

St. Louis Cardinals Release New Ballpark Pass



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This week’s Selling It… is about a new mobile-based ticketing plan from the St. Louis Cardinals aimed at millennials. This new Ballpark Pass targets millennials by presenting the plan using a subscription based model similar to other services many millennials pay for such as Netflix and Spotify. With millennials transitioning into the next big age group of consumers, the Ballpark Pass seems like a great way to get them into the ballpark and to purchase larger ticket plans in the future.

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“The St. Louis Cardinals have implemented a fantastic strategy to bring young professionals to the ballpark at a very affordable price. Millennials are a key group that every organization is looking to turn into ticket buyers and the Cardinals are finding a way to get them through the gates that fits their lifestyle and budget. We will see more sports franchises offer deals similar to the Cardinals Ballpark Pass that is entirely digital and is adaptable to every young person’s schedule.”

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St. Louis Cardinals : Ballpark Pass


The Cardinals Ballpark Pass is an attractive offer that provides cost-conscious fans the opportunity to experience a season’s worth of action at an affordable price. Their goal is to attract a segment of their fan base that might not typically purchase season tickets, pack bundles, or individual game tickets and hopefully convert them to one of these groups in the future. This creative offering makes Busch Stadium a popular hot spot for young professionals to hang out all summer long.


The Cardinals have proven to be a leading organization not only on the field, but off the field with the new launch of their monthly subscription Ballpark Pass. For a small payment of $29.99 a month, the Ballpark Pass guarantees standing room to 80 home games during the season. The subscription plan is similar to Netflix and Spotify’s structure in the way that each month your membership is automatically renewed, eliminating the extra step of having to make monthly payments. Although it excludes Opening Day against the Chicago Cubs, all high-demand and weekend games are included, along with pregame activities and promotional offerings! The program is simple to use and convenient to access because it is integrated with the Ballpark app, enabling users entry with just a simple scan. All you need is your phone!

There is no denying that millennials are known for making last minute decisions and love to find the best deals out there. The Ballpark Pass caters to this demographic with their easy opt-out and opt-in process, convenience of accessibility, and the unbeatable prices. On each game day, subscribers receive their ticket digitally on their smart phone through the app, reminding them that a fun day at Busch Stadium is always an option. If a fan were to buy all six months for about $180, they would be able to attend 80 games for $2.25 each! If you break it down even further, this means fans can experience the Busch Stadium atmosphere at about half the cost of a bottle of water at the concession stand! Additionally, fans are not locked in for a full season either. As long as you notify the Cardinals customer service team in a timely fashion, you can select certain months that work best.


The Cardinals relied heavily on the 15+ MLB teams that have previously offered some sort of pass to their fan base, MLB Advanced Media. They received help from Experience, a company in Atlanta that specializes in offering digital tickets and passes to fans at sports and entertainment venues, as a consultant to help launch the Ballpark Pass.


In just over a week since the Cardinals launched the product, they have seen nothing but great success and feedback. They have already sold over 1,000 Ballpark Passes and plan to continue providing these creative offerings for their fans.


For more information, contact:
Rob Fasoldt, Director, Ticket Sales and Services, Saint Louis Cardinals, LLC

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