Arizona Diamondbacks and The University of Kansas Partner with Weldon, Williams, & Lick Inc: A Collaborative Effort in Sports Appreciation

Arizona Diamondbacks and The University of Kansas Partner with Weldon, Williams, & Lick Inc: A Collaborative Effort in Sports Appreciation

Posted on September 13, 2023 by National Sports Forum | Selling It | SUBSCRIBE

By: Jennifer Detwiler

Dear Faithful Readers,

This month is what started as my personal favorite time of the year – football season! Looking forward to cooler weather, tailgating, and fantasy leagues. I hope everyone has been able to celebrate their team’s success so far at the start of the season!

In this edition of “Selling It…,” we were able to take a dive into the world of tickets, souvenirs, and memorabilia gifting. Hearing from two different clients of Weldon, Williams & Lick, Inc. and how they were able to revolutionize the fan experience and give back to their dedicated fan bases. As a longtime sports fan, I had a great time learning about the different opportunities teams are putting in place to remember fans’ special moments.


Isabelle Madrid

Marketing & Communications Manager


Over the past several years, accelerated by the pandemic, many stadiums and arenas have gone digital for their service offerings. Ticketing, merchandise, and food & beverage orders can all be done through a patron’s phone. When thinking about ways to remember special game days or give back to a long-time fan, teams are wishing they could offer a physical ticket or a customizable option for gifting. The Arizona Diamondbacks and the University of Kansas understood the importance of commemorating important moments for fans, athletes, and donors. Both were looking for creative ways to give back and show their appreciation. 

What started as a printing and ticketing company, Weldon, Williams, & Lick Inc. provides the products and services to help teams and organizations elevate their fan experience with tickets, souvenirs, gifting suites, memorabilia gifting, and more. Both the Diamondbacks and KU were able to work with WW&L and create amazing memorabilia – The Diamondbacks to its fans and KU to its community of donors. 

A few years ago, a fan stopped one of the D-backs Senior VP’s, asking for a printed ticket memorializing a birthday spent at the ballpark. They had to break the news to that fan that there was no longer a way to get printed tickets. Now, in collaboration with WW&L, the D-backs are able to direct fans to the Ballpark App to obtain  printed souvenir tickets. These newly accessible printed tickets allow the Diamondbacks to give fans an additional positive experience they once lacked. 

KU Athletics relies on its strong donor and fan community to make the athletic experience what it is today.. Duraunte Cutts, Assistant Athletic Director – Annual Fund at the University of Kansas, shared “We were looking to enhance the donor experience because they are enhancing our student-athlete experience.” To give back to their donors and fans, KU decided to partner with Weldon, Williams, and Lick Inc. in offering gifting for their dedicated donor base.


Sports are so much more than an athletic competition – they bring fans together to celebrate the joy of the game. The D-backs and KU Athletics looked to WW&L to make fan appreciation a priority. For the Diamondbacks, their objective was to produce and provide physical souvenirs to fans. Josh Simon, Senior Director of Ticket Operations at the Arizona Diamondbacks explained, “If people are looking for a product, and we can provide it, then why not? It took two years to get the product off the ground with a lot of assistance and support from the WW&L team.” Their goal was to create something that would bring happiness to fans. Simon explained, “This Direct Souvenir program serves as a function of customer service.” 

The Direct Souvenir program turns a digital ticket into a personalized and elevated printed ticket. These customizable printed tickets allow the Diamondbacks to provide fans with souvenirs to hold on to the memories and experiences at the games. Simon explains how this partnership creates something special for fans, “Maybe a fan is coming to the game, and it’s their kid’s first game; maybe there’s a no-hitter. This lets them commemorate that with something really nice and tangible.” 

When explaining this newly developed partnership, KU Assistant Athletic Director Duraunte Cutts said, “We wanted something unique to give to people to help us show our appreciation for their commitment to our athletics.” A custom and reusable box was the perfect solution to this as it would allow the University of Kansas to engage both its alumni and supporters in a new, creative way.



Both the Arizona Diamondbacks and the University of Kansas were searching for a way to elevate their fan experience, and WW&L helped bring their ideas to fruition. The D-backs are completing their second full season working with WW&L through the integration of the Ballpark App, and KU’s partnership  with WW&L brought their high-quality and unique design box to life. Simon and Cutts described the creative process as seamless and engaging. “The WW&L team understood what we were looking to achieve and they really hit it out of the park with our donor gifts. I have not seen anything like it before and it exceeded our expectations,” Cutts said. 

Beyond incredible gifts for fans, these partnerships contributed directly to the overall fan experience. The D-backs plan to continue to partner with WW&L to create souvenir tickets for fans as they purchase digital tickets for only $8-$25. The University of Kansas plans to continue its work with WW&L, creating gifts that individuals can keep  for a long time to come.


The D-backs have continued to see a positive reaction from their Direct Souvenir program. Fans appreciate the choice of three different versions of tickets, giving them the ability to choose the option they prefer, and even choose their own custom seats and opponent’s logo on selected tickets. The University of Kansas is witnessing the same positive reaction in response to its partnership with WW&L. The University of Kansas received positive feedback from their customized reusable boxes and donors feel a stronger sense of personal connection and recognition from KU Athletics. 

According to the 2023 season, it was estimated that 60% of fans were now entering the Diamondbacks’ Chase Field using the Ballpark App. The integration with WW&L allows them to have a one-stop shop for all gifts and memorabilia.

Looking Ahead:

Simon and the D-backs see a promising future and argue, “It’s my belief that [the Ballpark App integration] is going to take it to another level.” They have no plans of stopping any time soon, and they foresee this relationship with WW&L continuing to grow in the future. The D-backs are looking at even more gifting options to elevate the fan experience, including case and/or framing options and customized photos. Weldon, Williams, and Lick Inc. are also looking forward to the future, “Getting in the Ballpark App was really important,” WW&L Chief Revenue Officer Evan Gitomer said, “because we’re trying to meet fans where they are.” 

KU also plans to continue its partnership with WW&L and Cutts mentioned, “It is amazing to be able to watch the appreciation take on a life of its own.” The Arizona Diamondbacks and the University of Kansas are able to collaborate with WW&L to reach specific goals, objectives, and strategic priorities to create an unforgettable fan experience that fans will never be able to forget as they will always have these memories with them in the form of a physical gift.

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