Arizona Diamondbacks “Throwback Thursday”

Arizona Diamondbacks “Throwback Thursday”

Posted on May 23, 2018 by National Sports Forum | Selling It | SUBSCRIBE

Arizona Diamondbacks Take Fans Back in Time with “Throwback Thursday Promotion”

D-backs Celebrate 20th Anniversary while Engaging Fans with retro jerseys and media

By Ashlee Tsukushi

Photo Credit: Kelsey Grant/Arizona Diamondbacks

Editor’s Note

Dear Faithful Readers,
As we get further into 2018, it’s hard not to notice the “retro” trends that are popping up across fashion and pop culture. These trends may be popular with many of us who lived through these decades but surprisingly they are just as popular with the Gen Z audience.

This week we wanted to bring you a story about a team using the retro trend to celebrate their 20-year history while also utilizing the trend to connect with their younger fans. The Arizona Diamondbacks are bringing back some of their iconic purple and teal jerseys and franchise moments during Throwback Thursdays this season while tying in great activations for their partner, Chase Bank.

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Ashlee Tsukushi
Director of Marketing & Communications

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Sponsor’s Note

“The Arizona Diamondbacks’ partnership with Chase for their Throwback Thursday campaign exemplifies the power of thoughtful activation through multiple channels to numerous demographics. Engaging older demographics by bringing “throwback” components of the game into the present narrative while simultaneously appealing to “Gen X” and “Gen Y” fans through an emphasis on social media demonstrates a multi-functional, strategic approach to campaign creation.”
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Arizona Diamondbacks Throwback Thursday


Starting in 2014, the Arizona Diamondbacks wanted to figure out the best way to bring back the purple and teal from their original team colors and to use it in a way that engaged their fan base more frequently. The D-backs started by dawning their “old school” sleeveless purple pinstripe jerseys during their annual Alumni Day game or on past Throwback Thursdays. This year they decided to mix it up for their 20th Anniversary season by revamping their season-long Throwback Thursday promotion that included throwback jerseys, throwback-themed games, and an activation for one of their sponsors, Chase Bank.


The D-backs have done Throwback Thursday promotions in the past starting in 2014 but wanted to do something special for their 20th Anniversary Season. When figuring out how to celebrate their 20-year history, while continuing their goal of incorporating their original purple and teal more regularly, they decided to add additional historic jerseys to the Throwback Thursday promotion. The D-backs decided to feature jerseys from their inaugural season and their six postseason teams. Since the D-backs had more Thursday home games than usual, it was a natural way to marry the retro jerseys and the Throwback Thursday promotion.

For each of the seven Throwback Thursday games, the team wears the designated throwback jersey and throughout the games, fans are treated to music, pop culture clips, and D-backs highlight clips from that year offering fun flashbacks for fans who lived through those seasons. In addition, fans are encouraged to wear their retro gear on Throwback Thursdays and many lifelong fans have had fun sporting their old school threads. The D-backs also created merchandise featuring retro looks with the classic purple and teal colors and original logos for fans who want to sport the Throwback Thursday look but don’t have any originals.

The D-backs use social media to promote Throwback Thursdays using #DbacksTBT. Through social media, the D-backs take their fans down memory lane by sharing fun videos and pictures from their 20-year history and get fans rallied up for the Throwback Thursday games. Fans also use the hashtag to share their throwback D-backs memories as well as to share new memories from the #TBT games.


Since Chase is the presenting sponsor of Throwback Thursdays, the promotion also features benefits to Chase credit card holders. Offers include 30% off of select tickets, $25 D-bucks card when they spend $75 in the Team Shop, and Cracker Jack or Peanuts for only $1. This serves as a great activation for Chase and gives the D-backs a great opportunity to engage single-game ticket buyers.

Photo Credit: Taylor Jackson/Arizona Diamondbacks


Although the D-backs are only three games into their season-long Throwback Thursday program, they have already seen outstanding results from this initiative starting with ticket sales. They have already sold over 500 single-game tickets per game through their special offer for Chase cardholders adding additional value to Chase customers.

The D-backs have also seen success with their game-worn throwback jerseys both through fan feedback and through their Arizona Diamondbacks Authentics program. These jerseys are sold with all proceeds going to the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation and after only three games, they have sold nearly 120 pieces of game used items.

Finally, the D-backs have seen positive feedback from their fans on social media and have seen an increase in engagement with the throwback videos they have been sharing. The Gen Z fans have especially been keen to Throwback Thursday on social media helping the team engage with this younger audience.

“The Throwback Thursday promotion is great because it allows us to connect with fans, especially with the Gen Z fans,” said Cullen Maxey, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer of the Arizona Diamondbacks. “Our younger Gen Z fans love the throwback trend and getting involved with it. It allows us to teach them about our history while providing them with opportunities to make memories.”


The D-backs plan to continue season-long Throwback Thursdays beyond their 20th Anniversary season.

Maxey said, “It allows us to connect with long-term fans and helps us build new, younger fans while celebrating our history beyond Alumni Day.”


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