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NSF "Selling It..." Newsletter - Cleveland Cavaliers

NSF "Selling It..."
October 26, 2016 | Volume 14, Issue 18
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Cavs bring fans closer to the team with immersive videos.
By: Tina Szyszkowski
Cleveland Cavaliers
Click the image above to check out the Cleveland Cavaliers' VR vignette!

Alby Abalos

Dear Faithful Readers,
The NBA season is back! This is always an exciting time of year for a basketball fan such as myself. This season will be especially interesting to watch with so many players moving teams and seeing legends step away from the game. After a thrilling 2015-2016 season, I can’t wait to see what this season has in store.
This week it is only fitting that we run a story on the reigning champions, Cleveland Cavaliers, the day after their ring ceremony. The Cavs not only had an impressive season on the court, but also all around their arena. During last season’s playoffs, the Cavs partnered with long-time NSF Sponsor, Budweiser, on an exciting virtual reality program. Their fans really enjoyed the promotion and are already waiting to see what’s next. This virtual reality promotion is the first for the Cavs, but it doesn’t look like it will be their last.
Be sure to tune in to the games this season and enjoy the read!
Alby Abalos
Marketing and Communications Manager

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Cleveland Cavaliers


"Cleveland Cavaliers: Budweiser Virtual Reality Promotion"


The Cleveland Cavaliers and Budweiser teamed up to create a Budweiser-branded cardboard Virtual Reality headset to take fans behind-the-scenes with some exclusive Cavs content. The Cavs are recognized for their compelling advertising methods and for continuously looking for innovative ways to bring the fans closer to the team they love. Budweiser was committed to bringing something new to the table and challenged the Cavs to bring unique content by utilizing innovative technology. Both companies agreed Virtual Reality was an ideal approach to reach a wide audience and resonate with millennials in an authentic way. The Cavs created several videos that allowed the viewers to enjoy a fully immersive, 360-degree view without any boundaries -  and also doubles as a handy, souvenir beer holder!


Triple Play
The Cavs had Virtual Reality on their radar for quite some time and with a cutting-edge partner like Budweiser and the NBA playoffs around the corner, it felt like the perfect opportunity to put the plan in action. They are the first NBA team to successfully integrate the VR content into their official app, which enables them to analyze the results and push the content at the right time. In the app, fans had access to four videos that take them on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the locker room, practice facility, and a court side view of the National Anthem and player introductions. 
During Game 2 of the Cavs’ series against the Hawks, approximately 750 lucky fans were given the promotional headsets, where they were able to insert their phone inside and have full peripheral views, stimulating a real-life experience. However, no fans were left out. Everyone could view the VR experiential content by simply logging into the app and watching it as a 360-degree video on their phone screens.

Cleveland Cavaliers
Click the image above to check out the Cavaliers website!


With the support from Budweiser, the Cavaliers were able to get a head start in the emerging VR space, being one of the only NBA teams in the league to offer exclusive VR content. This is just the first activation of many that we can expect to see considering the recent multi-year agreement that was just signed between the two companies.


The Cavs and Budweiser collaboration was a major success. It generated a significant amount of press from well-known sites and publications. Fans were blown away at the innovative activation and raved about the game-enhancing experience. Having the Virtual Reality integrated within the app increased traffic to both the application and all social media accounts.


Virtual Reality is growing rapidly in popularity and after witnessing the success and positive feedback the Cav’s received, many teams are adopting the practice. It allows fans to be completely engaged and feel as close to being on the team as possible. The Cavs and Budweiser definitely see more VR content and unique fan engaging promotions in the near future and the fans are anxiously waiting for it.


For more information, contact: 
Michael Conley, Vice President, Digital, Cleveland Caveliers 

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