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NSF "Selling it..."- AFL

NSF "Selling It..."
June 9, 2016 | Volume 14, Issue 8
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Arena Football League looks to make positive impact amid major rebrand. 
By: Mike Curtin
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Alby Abalos

Dear Faithful Readers,
First off, I want to thank Ryan Heidrich for all that he has done overseeing “Selling It…” during his time as Editor. I look forward to filling his shoes and continuing to provide you with entertaining and educational content moving forward.

This week’s “Selling It…” is centered around the rebranding of the Arena Football League with the help of long time Forum friends, PCG (Property Consulting Group). With the AFL making a committment to expansion within the near future, they sought out a partnership with PCG to sell and oversee sponsorship and activation throughout the league. The AFL could not have been more excited about the partnership and looks forward to the future of the league. 
Alby Abalos
Marketing and Communications Manager

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AFL: "Sponsorship and Activation"


Since its inception in 1987, the Arena Football League has showcased their fast-paced and exciting game to millions of fans in a number of different markets across the country. There are currently eight active franchises competing for the 2016 season with a ninth team based out of Washington announced for the 2017 season. The goal is to eventually grow the league to sixteen teams within the next couple of years.
With expansion and maximizing the league’s popularity in mind, the AFL created a mission statement to match their longstanding commitment to community and the game of football… “to serve our community with pride and passion as a quality example of individual and team excellence on the field, in the office, at the arena and within the community by consistently exceeding our customers' expectations by demonstrating the highest character, appreciation and respect for our game, customers, teammates and partners as a cost-effective and visionary organization providing a total entertainment experience.” With this in mind, the Arena Football League (or AFL) is always looking for innovative ways in which to actively in engage fans through unique promotions and activations.


Forum 4 Pak
Back in 2014 with new commissioner Scott Butera at the helm, the AFL approached the highly sought after sponsorship and marketing consulting firm that specializes in monetizing sports and entertainment property assets, PCG (Property Consulting Group). Knowing the impact that PCG has made in regards to monetizing these sports property’s assets, the AFL came to PCG to help sell national sponsorships as well as oversee sponsorship activations with their corporate partners.
With brand awareness as a major objective for the second largest auto insurance provider in America, GEICO saw the AFL as a great opportunity to create a mutually beneficial partnership through the 2018 season. The new arrangement, which runs through the 2018 season, gives GEICO ownership of the newly branded GEICO Blue Zones. GEICO's branding will be visible in the area stretching from the 10 to 15 yard lines on each side of the field. The GEICO logo will also be featured across the GEICO Goal Line, dasher boards and throughout all eight AFL venues. The agreement also calls for markers at the 15-yardline to be labeled "15%" to coincide with the insurer's well-known promotion urging customers to take 15 minutes to save 15% on their auto coverage.

Philadelphia Flyers - "GEICO Blue Zone"
Click the image above to check out Property Consulting Group's website!



The Arena Football League partnered with Property Consulting Group to sell the national sponsorship deal with GEICO as well as oversee all activations (GEICO goal and 15% lines) as a result of this partnership. Property Consulting Group (PCG) is a full-service and independent agency with executive teams focused on partnership sales, innovation and digital strategy to maximize scale and reach of our ability to directly grow our client's revenue.


While a large portion of the results of this rebrand remain to be seen, the feedback so far is that it will have a positive effect on the league and their ultimate goal of expansion. As the 2016 season reaches its mid-way point, the league has seen an increase in the number of social engagements as well as adding another franchise to the league for 2017. 


As the AFL keeps its eyes looking forward on expansion and making an impact in the sports world, deals with world renowned properties like ESPN, CBS Sports and GEICO are sure to grab the attention of sports fans and consumers alike. As for PCG, they will continue to work to lockdown sponsorships and oversee activation for the AFL alongside commissioner Butera.


For more information, contact:
Kieran Ramsey, Corporate Partnership Executive, Property Consulting Group | 312.948.0259

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